Alljoints Supports joint cartilage repair and maintenance in horses.



Each 50g daily dose contains:

Collagen Hydrolysate                35000mg

Glucosamine Sulphate              5000mg

Glucosamine HCI                     5000mg

Dicalcium Phosphate                4900mg

Apple Flavour                          100mg


5kg Oral Powder

One level scoop provides 50g


Alljoints provides a unique, proven approach to nutritional supplementation of joint cartilage aiding in the repair of damaged joint cartilage, and providing long term nutrition for cartilage maintenance. Alljoints provides a clinically proven dose of glucosamine & collagen hydrolysate. Glucosamine has long had a proven role in helping stimulate cartilage matrix repair while collagen hydrolysate provides the missing nutritional link by supplying the proper ratios of the specific free-form amino acids needed for collagen production. Collagen hydrolysate promotes musculo-skeletal strength and continual cartilage regeneration...and the benefits don’t stop with the musculo-skeletal system. Ongoing studies have shown collagen hydrolysate protects against stomach ulcers and stimulates bone healing. By supplementing these proven nutritional supplements Alljoints is a customised “building block” of nutrients for continuous cartilage regeneration PLUS musculo-skeletal strength and repair.


Add one scoop (50g) to feed daily. Mix well into feed.

Treatment with joint support nutritional supplements is a long term process, and positive results may be seen in 4-5 weeks of daily supplementation. In cases of extreme lameness or pain, it is safe to initially commence treatment with 50g twice daily in feed until a positive response is noticed, then reduce to the once daily maintenance dose.


Alljoints is safely used in combination with prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, if required. If horses are treated with Randlab Arthropen Vet 250 (Pentosan Polysulphate), or Equinate (Sodium Hyaluronate) IV/IA injections at the beginning of therapy, it is recommended that supplementation with Alljoints commence at the same time. Treatment of damaged joint cartilage is a long term process. Be prepared to supplement daily for 8-12 months, and possibly even longer, depending on the degree of joint damage. Response to joint health supplements is most often gauged by the reduction in degree of pain or discomfort shown by the patient. Be prepared to try increased doses of supplement in animals with severe arthritis.





Alljoints contains no prohibited substances. If in doubt, always check with local racing jurisdiction.


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