Team Australia

Randlab is very proud to call Australia "home". Randlab was founded in Sydney and retains the harbour city as it headquarters today.  All of Randlab's manufacturing is undertaken in Australia and its domestic market remains the key to Randlab's ongoing success.

Randlab is also very proud to be 100% Australian owned and the products are 100% Australian made. Further to Randlab's
Sydney based operations, Randlab has remote offices in Victoria and Queensland to better service our clients.

Angelis Vasili

Managing Director

Alex Macpherson BSc

Sales Manager 
Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania

Dr Michael Robinson

Global Technical Director

John Dalton

Sales Manager - NSW/ACT

Andrew Grant

Sales Manager - QLD/NT and Export

Debra Burrelli

Office Administrator

Shirish Mahashabde

Regulatory Manager

Parveen Kernail Singh

Office Administrator

Kellie Terides

Office Administrator

William Vasili

Warehouse Manager

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