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Randlab has made a concerted effort to register a number of its medicines for the Malaysian equine market. Randlab has set up a base in Malaysia to help service the Penang, Selangor and Perak Turf Clubs.

The business in Malaysia is steadily growing and Randlab actively encourages veterinarians from around Malaysia to contact Dr. Gothai to find out more about the range of medicines available to them in Malaysia from Randlab.

Dr Gothai Nayagi, DVM, MRCVS

Territory Manager

Dr. Gothai Nayagi graduated from University Putra Malaysia and later obtained a registration with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Gothai has nine years of experience working with race horses, polo and equestrian horses in Malaysia. After working at the Equine hospital in Perak for 3 years she set up a private practice servicing equine spelling stations in Malaysia.

Gothai was a perfect fit and joined Randlab in 2013 Her experience in Malaysia ensured that she was well known to the veterinarians supervising the racing populations of Malaysia, and also well respected by them. Gothai's main interests in relation to her professional work include lameness diagnosis, tendon and ligament injuries and rehabilitation, sports medicine and diagnostic imaging. She likes to engage with her clients in discussions about nutrition, exercise and health and also educate them on issues related to welfare of horses while being  stabled, ridden and transported. Gothai aims to educate her clients to achieve "wellness and maintain health while honouring the horses’ basic needs and freedom".

Randlab Malaysia

Dr Gothai Nayagi Venugopal

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