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Randlab established an office and operational centre in NZ in 2012. By establishing this centre we have become one of the most recognised suppliers of veterinary medicines in the country.

We partner with each of major supply customers to ensure prompt and efficient supply of our products. The team is headed by Chris Barris and you can read more about Chris below.

Chris was born and bred on a dairy farm in the Waikato and has a strong understanding of the Veterinary profession in New Zealand. After spending time at Lincoln College (now university) Chris' first role within the Veterinary sales profession was with Beecham Research Laboratories. From there he took up a position with Rhone Merieux  (now Merial) finishing as New Zealand Business Manager reporting to head office in Lyon France. Chris also spent a short time with Pfizer before taking the position as New Zealand General Manager for Parnell Laboratories.

Chris joined Randlab in August 2010 covering New Zealand Sales and distribution. It is a very familiar role to Chris as he is well known by the majority of his clientele through his previous roles. Chris has also been very active at conferences getting to know the next generation of New Zealand equine practicioners and enjoys the company of all of his clients immensly. Chris oversees all of Randlab's operations in New Zealand and has done a fantastic job in growing Randlab in his homeland.


Chris Barris

Sales – Randlab New Zealand LTD

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