Vetedine Ointment For the treatment and prevention of wound and skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi in horses, dogs and cats.


Povidone-Iodine 100 mg/g

(equivalent to 10 mg/g available iodine)


250g Jar


Vetedine Ointment is a Povidone-Iodine ointment (known as an Iodophor) with potent  prolonged antibacterial, antifungal and virucidal activity on contact, suitable for topical disinfection and antisepsis in horses, cattle, swine, sheep and dogs with minor cuts and abrasions, burns and puncture wounds to skin. It acts by releasing iodine slowly. PVP iodine is as effective as iodine against a broad spectrum of disease causing micro-organisms, but it is less irritating to skin, and any stains are water washable. There has been no reported resistance to PVP iodine in human or animal medicine. It is non-sensitising and does not cause pain on application to wounds  mucous membranes. It forms a film to protect open wounds, and is soluble in water. PVP Iodine is particularly effective in treating mixed skin infections, wound cleansing, treatment of burns and ulcers, and in skin antisepsis. It does not delay healing or granulation, and does not lose  antimicrobial activity in the presence of organic matter such as blood, pus, oils, soaps, etc. Use Vetedine Ointment as an aid in the treatment or prevention of local infections in wounds,  abscesses, burns and fungal infections such as Ringworm, disinfection of the navel, horn removal, castration, disinfection prior to surgery, girth galls, abrasions and puncture wounds.


Apply to the affected area twice daily or as directed by the veterinary surgeon. Care should be exercised using iodine on extensive wounds or deep burns especially over extended periods. Does not permanently stain skin or natural fibres. Wash with soap and water to remove.


PVP Iodine ointment is active when the characteristic colour remains on the lesion. If iodine colour decreases around wound then apply a new treatment.


• Has prolonged activity, even in the presence of pus or blood

• Does not stain. Wash off with water

• Does not delay wound healing or granulation

• Does not sting or irritate wounds

• Does not sensitise tissues

• Lacks resistance by any microorganisms

• Can be bandaged without danger of burns or irritation

• Has prolonged germicidal action

• Has no odour

• Has rapid action, even in presence of blood, pus, oils, soap, etc.

• Forms an adherent film over wounds

• The characteristic colour delineates the treated area





Vetedine Ointment contains no prohibited substances.

If in doubt, always check with local racing jurisdiction.


Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and placing in garbage.


Store below 30°C (room temperature).


APVMA Approval No. 62637/43528 (Australia)


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